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Pots, Planters & Vases

Pots, Planters & Vases

Pots, Planters & Vases
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  1. Terracotta Elephant Planter

    Ideal for smaller plants, this simple, elephant shaped planter has been left in its original terracotta orange colour. This will add contrast to green leafy plants.
    Dimensions: Height 11cm Width 13cm Length 17cm
    Product code: YKM04S19...
  2. Grey Succulents Mini Pot Cover

    This mini ceramic pot cover features a pretty embossed succulents design in grey and is perfect for displaying cacti/succulents and house plants.
    Dimensions: Height 8cm Diameter 7cm
    Product code: YGG03A20 ...
  3. Green Pineapple Vase

    An exquisitely detailed ceramic pineapple shaped vase with a glazed green finish. A great addition to this season's lush botanical trend.
    Dimensions: Height 31cm Diameter 18cm
    Product code: VCH03S20...
  4. Small Bronze Aluminium Vase

    A classic urn-shaped vase in a modern bronzed aluminium finish, this piece will look great on its own on a mantlepiece or with some simple foliage stems.
    Dimensions: Height 25cm Width 29cm Depth 16cm
    Product code: VCH04S20...
  5. Grecian Face Cement Planter

    Inspired by the great Greek statues, this planter features the face of a young man. Great for plants, or as an ornate desk tidy to keep pens or paintbrushes in!
    Dimensions: Height 22cm Width 16cm Depth 15cm
    Product code: YCH01S20 ...

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  6. Blue Fern Vase

    A white ceramic vase with a feathery fern design in a soft pastel blue.
    Dimensions: Height 30cm Diameter 13cm
    Product code: VCH05S20...
  7. Hand Painted Wave Planter

    This speckled studio style plant pot has been hand painted in dusky hues of blue and grey. A tonal piece that will look great with plants or to store pens or makeup brushes in.
    Dimensions: Height 13cm Diameter 13cm
    Product code: YCH02S20 ...
  8. Large Hand Painted Wave Planter

    This speckled studio-style plant pot has been hand-painted in dusky hues of blue and grey. A tonal piece that will look great with large, leafy plants.
    Dimensions: Height 18cm Diameter 20cm
    Product code: YCH01A20 ...
  9. Two Tone Metallic Vase

    A large glass metal vase with a mottled two-tone turquoise and bronze metallic finish. We recommend this product be used with dry or artificial flowers as it is not guaranteed that the base is sealed enough for water.
    Dimensions: Height 45cm D...
  10. Ceramic Green Leaf Vase

    Complimenting this years Botanical trends, this vase is covered in ceramic leaves and will look great paired with both simple white blooms, or bold and bright colours.
    Dimensions: Height 30cm Diameter 15cm
    Product code: VCH02A20...
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